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Eleftheria Arvanitaki

She’s Back! The first Lady of song! The sixth biggest selling artist in Greece over the past 40 years with hit after hit after hit. Eleftheria Arvanitaki is coming to Australian audiences with her full band from Greece and a concert featuring all the hits which made her a household name in Greece and Greeks all over the world. Some of her songs like Dynata Dynata and Kokkino Foustani are embedded in the Greek Psyche whilst her tributes to some of the great composers are legendary. A pioneer in the vocal delivery which set the scene for many modern singers who have copied her style, Miss Arvanitaki is the consummate professional.


To see her live is a unique experience which should not be missed!

Get your tickets now! An ideal Christmas gift for your loved ones.


The Athenaeum Theatre Melbourne

SAT 25th MARCH 2023

Thebarton Theatre Adelaide

SAT 1st APRIL 2023

Enmore Theatre Sydney

FRI 31st MARCH 2023


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